The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction or impotence refers to a condition in which a man is unable to get an erection or maintain an erection during sexual activity. It is a severe problem as it affects your relationship with your partner. Taking the advice of a doctor, in this case, is very important. There are many myths, rumors, and false stories about ED. Let’s find out the truth.

  • There is no cure for ED. You have to live with it forever: ED is a common type of disease and is more found in older men. Consult a doctor, Take the prescribed medicines on time and exercise regularly to get rid of ED.
  • ED does not cause any harm: Not being able to get an erection is not harmful but may lead to severe health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and Neurological Diseases. It is essential to consult a doctor and discuss the problem.
  • Men with ED have no interest in sexual activity: Well, this is entirely a wrong fact. No desire for sexual activity might have some other reasons like anxiety, depression, or stress. Talk to your partner. Consult a counselor to help you with this.
  • Food items can help: There is no evidence or proof in this fact. Including healthy food items in your diet can help you to stay healthy and stress-free.
  • Young men do not get ED: ED is a widespread problem, and it can affect men of any age groups. Though it is mostly found in older men, young men also have a high chance of being affected by this. However, following a healthy diet and routine can help prevent the disease.
  • Taking herbal medicines is the best: Though herbal medication may be natural, it may have some harmful side effects which may worsen the condition. Consulting a doctor is the best solution in this case.

These are several false stories that we hear about ED. Instead of believing in such myths, talk to your partner, or consult a doctor to give you the best treatment and cure for this disease.

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The Truth About Erectile Dysfunction?

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