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Freezing of sperm is an essential question among the people. The answer is yes; you can freeze your sperm for later use. Studies have found that sperm under cold conditions can live for more than 20 years. Isn’t that fascinating? Your sperm consists of your DNA signature which carries a small you with itself. If you want that some of it should live a long time for your use then freezing it might be an option for you. Freezing of sperm has become quite a trend these days due to various reasons.

Why Freeze your sperm?

  • Sperm banks preserve your sperm for fertilizing eggs. If you want, then you can preserve it and use when you are unable to produce a child. If you face an injury which affects your fertility, then sperm banks will impregnate your partner with your sperm. You can become a parent easily.
  • Sperm analysis is also a part of the freezing of your sperm. You can know your fertility ability by going through this process.
  • Many males are becoming Sperm Donors now. Sperm banks now pay for youthful sperms which can fulfill someone else’s dream of having a child. So, you can also earn something from your sperm instead of wasting it regularly.

How is it done?

First, you will be asked to produce a fresh sample of sperm which will be tested for any disease. Then the sperm bank mixes it with a special fluid to protect it from damage during freezing. Then it is freeze in a special container and is kept for use later. The sperm lives even up to the extent of 20 years which is impressive.

So, freezing your sperm is easy and very helpful. There are several reasons to do so, and it is a very safe procedure. The people can conceive a baby after the use of sperms which have been frozen for a long time.

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Can You Freeze your sperm?

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