The Effect of Cannabis on Sperm Count

Cannabis is an alternative name for marijuana which is a type of a psychoactive drug obtained from the Cannabis plant. It is used for medical as well as recreational purposes. Recreational cannabis is legal across the U.S, but that doesn’t imply that it is safe. Just like any other drug, this one comes with risks as well. As there is an increase in the legalization of cannabis, researches are on the hunt of finding more information about the effects it has on health. One of the fields of health that is under research is the effect of cannabis on sperm count and fertility. Studies found that cannabis has the potential to affect the sperm count in men just like alcohol and tobacco. However, the surprising take on this is that a history of smoking cannabis is linked to greater fertility and sperm count in men. Additionally, greater use of cannabis is associated with the higher levels of hormonal testosterone in the male among smokers of cannabis.

  • Researchers hinted that smoking cannabis could increase the sperm count in men which means that the number of sperms in the semen when ejaculated. Nevertheless, the increase in the sperm count does not imply the increase in chances of fatherhood. On average, the concentration of sperm in the semen of smokers of cannabis is almost twice as high as it is in non-smokers.
  • Previous studies found that smoking cannabis lowers sperm count in men. The effects of more moderate consumption of cannabis are much less clear. However, the change in sperm quantity which is induced by cannabis has chances of not being permanent. The human male generates new sperm every day. Sperm takes about an average of 70 days to mature and they will die slowly and will be reabsorbed by the body if not ejaculated. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that men should start smoking cannabis with the intention of increasing their sperm count.
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The Effect of Cannabis on Sperm Count

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