5 Sex positions you must try to spice up your sex life

The sexual pleasure is what everyone wants, and this needs to be refreshed every time. The partners need to preserve sexual passion by trying new things every day. But how can these pleasures be retained and ignited? To spice up the sex lives the most exciting way is using the different sex positions, these positions are like the spices that are displayed in a single plate.

So if you are bored with your sex life try innovating it with some new sex positions.

The 5 sex positions every partner must try:

  1. Face-off: this is the perfect position for those who want to intimate and face to face passion. In this position, the partner is placed in the edge of the bed and the female climbs onto the lap of the partner facing him.
  2. The cat: this position mainly arouses the female. This is similar to missionary pose the only difference being the male’s body is up slightly to one side. Here the partner’s chest is near the females shoulder.
  3. Mountain climber: this is also known as the push-up pose. Here the partners need the strength in every respect. This has eye contact, and some difference provides the partner to touch him when he enters and even let the female play.
  4. Heir to the throne: this is the perfect position for intense oral sex. This is majorly for the females to get their feelings aroused. Here the female sits with her legs open, and the rest is with the male. It’s up to the male to take this slow or otherwise. The main thing is to turn the women on.
  5. The hot seat: in this position the partner sits on the edge of the bed or chair having feet on the floor. And the female turns her back to the partner and sits between the legs. This is similar to a dog pose but the dominance lies with a female.
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5 Sex positions you must try to spice up your sex life

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