Dizziness after Sex – The Cause behind It

It is normal that while having sexual intercourse your blood pressure might rise and your veins might become inflated. The veins exposed to this impact usually runs behind the ear, and it could magnify to such a point that the all the pressure get applied to fluids in the ear internally. There are several side effects of Viagra or mutual sex enhancement pills with the same properties that affect your veins internally.

There are also chances of positional vertigo while you are lying horizontally while having sexual intercourse or suddenly standing or sitting after intercourse. The rapid or unusual change in acclimatization of the head is also the causes of dizziness and might result in fainting. It might be a problem if this happens much often. This might be the reason of ear infection internally or something else that causes a problem.

Hyperventilation is common during sex, and it is due to considerable changes in your breathing patterns; an alteration in the circulatory system due to sexual arousal and diversion of blood flow nearer to the skin and your genital area. One might take into consideration that the individual might be blushing on the chest or face.  These causes in the rise and decline of the blood pressure.

The most mutual and common reason behind dizziness related to sexual intercourse is BPPV. Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo is the common ear condition caused due to positional vertigo. People suffering from pressure sensitivity become very dizzy while having intense sexual intercourse and might feel dizzy due to strain which is experienced by the body and the mind while indulging in foreplay or sex. In this type of cases, surgical interference is needed to improve the condition and quality of life for the person suffering from it.

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Dizziness after Sex – The Cause behind It

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