Too tired of your boring sex life? Want to explore new adventures of sex?It is also a fact that the more one gets used to sex the less exciting it becomes. Here are 8 tips that would reignite your sex life.

  1. Liberate your body energy in a new way: one can liberate their body by doing Zumba or yoga. The more you move your body and get comfortable with it, the more sexually active your body becomes.
  2. Schedule sex: try scheduling your sex by putting it on your calendar. This would help solve the interference of kids and the couple would able to focus on their intimate sex.
  3. Get cozy and chill with an erotic movie: getting to know each other accompanied by erotic movies would surely activate the essential hormones of the couple. And for those couples who want to develop a wilder sides, there are sex conventions that offer sex classes.
  4. Pleasure yourself in front of your partner: to initiate intimacy between the partners the best way is to see your partner masturbating in front of you. Allowing the partner to know your weak spots opens up the vulnerability.
  5. Have a one to one talk to air out seeded sex: lack of communication between the couple can even lead to sex droughts. It is advisable that there must be regular conversations made between the couple.
  6. Begin foreplay: regularly flirting even with the emails and messages can set the long died move. Thus foreplay plays an active role in reigniting the sex life.
  7. Do something different: always try to be creative with your sex life. Trying different sex poses might help to blow up your partners’ mind and igniting their lust.
  8. Initiate sex: it doesn’t matter who it is. But if you want to have sex initiate it, you might feel amazed how your partner responses to it.
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8 Tips for Couples which Initiates Better Sex

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